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God's Original Diet

The Spiritual Way To Health
By Dr. Malcolm Hill

The CD consists of information about how important the foods you eat determine your health. This information will teach you how it is not God's will for you to be sick. The words of wisdom you will hear from Dr. Hill are based on biblical principals and common sense. Learn how to prevent, reversed and even cure the most common diseases that man face today such as obesity, heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, strokes, arthritis, headaches, kidney failure, etc.

Become more aware of what foods are healthy and what foods are deceitful. You will also learn about the importance of fasting and prayer, exercise, positive thinking, pure air and water and having God in your life. Learn how family traditions passed down from generation to generation may be leading many to an early death without the victims even knowing.

Dr. Hill received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from MS Valley State University and received his Dr. of chiropractic degree from Life University. Dr. Hill later received certification in Natural Hygiene at True North Health Center in Penngrove CA. Dr. Hill is the first and only certified African-American Natural Hygienist. Dr. Hill has seen hundreds of people health improve because of eating a majority of healthy foods, exercise and drinking mostly water.

This ministry consists of two CD's with about 2hrs and 20 minutes worth of information on it. The cost is $25.00. For ordering Dr. Hill can be reached at, [email protected], 404-571-1263, 678-817-3323, or 678-887-0223.

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